What's Hack The World?

Hack The World is Anheuser-Busch InBev's commitment to connecting with the most talented minds across the globe when it comes to creation, technology, and innovation. Hack The World aims to identify the most innovative solutions to major business challenges leveraging new technology, as well as helping students, creators, and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and career aspirations through an extended working relationship with the world's largest beer manufacturer.

Our events are inspiring, challenging, creative, rewarding, and most importantly? Fun! You'll spend an intense two days with your peers who are exceptional thought leaders and creators, inventing a completely new solution to an exciting business problem.

We have a great lineup of events happening across the globe. Check out our calendar of events and learn more about the most critical business challenges that you have an opportunity to help us solve!

To learn more about our hackathons, sign up here!
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